Are you tired of denying yourself the fullness and the pleasures of Life?

Are you stuck in a story around your body, your relationships, your money, and your creativity?

What do you want to say YES to?

I'm Melissa Danielle, and I want to help you live a juicy and connected life. Using The Desire Map and other tools, I show women how to live a turned on life without apology. 

Join truth + desire lab* for monthly gatherings via phone and in person, and experience what happens when you open yourself all the way up to what you really want. 

* truth + desire lab is free to join, but you will be invited to make purchases of products, services, and special events offered by me or through companies I am affiliated with. 

I am a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Click here to learn more about my training. To book a private session, visit or call 347-927-2855.

Do you work in the healing and movement arts? Check out the Desire Map Licensing Program, a dynamic curriculum you can use one-on-one, in workshops and in retreats to help your clients go deeper and higher. Click here to learn more. 

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